Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and my work.

Stephanie Lee

Victoria, MN

I am a mother to 2, a wife to 1, a daughter, a sister, a card maker, a scrapper, a knitter, a quilter, a shopaholic, a business owner, a wearer of many hats. I have an MBA from University of St Thomas and was a former executive for one of the largest privately owned corporation in America. I was born in Singapore and have lived for many years in Melbourne, Australia. While I have been needlecrafting all my life, I started scrapbooking about 6 years ago (June 2006) after my son was born. He inspired me to create. Like many others, I decided to scrapbook to capture precious moments of my new baby and to leave a legacy of myself for him. I started card making only in 2010  just to have a smaller surface to try out new techniques. I was hooked on the instant gratification of a smaller layout of a card and it made easy gifts for friends and family. I started my own handmade greeting card business a few months later in October 2010.

Email: steph@artycarty.com

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Website: www.Artycarty.com